Share Your Story

Share Your Story

3 Reasons You Need to Share Your Story

Scared Stories has been occupying our little corner of the web for 9 months. During those 9 months, I have been blown away by the incredible God-stories that have been featured in this space. People have gathered around the stories of others and God has been glorified. Some stories are hard but end nice and neatly. Others are stories of celebration and gratitude. Still, others are raw and honest, often 'ending' without a nice resolution all wrapped up with a bow (don't tell, but those are my favorite kind). Each and every story shared has been a courageous one. We've declared that "Your Story Matters" and championed the "Me too!" moments. We've breathed deep and brave as we've stepped out to share our experiences or read the words of another that seem to come straight from the pages of our own journals.

But why do we do this? What is the point of sharing? Even if it matters, how do we do it?

Embracing the Path God Has For You

When Melissa reached out to me and shared her story, I was stuck by the uniqueness of her perspective and yet, how relatable the twists and turns of each chapter were to nearly everyone. I've never met Melissa in person but she is one of the kindest people and is incredibly sensitive to the voice of God and the hearts of other people. Sharing this is long overdue and it is truly an honor to share Melissa's story with you today.

I love nature walks. I love the feel of the warm air on my skin and the sun pouring through the trees. I love the sound of the birds chatting and the breeze rustling and the leaves crunching under my feet. I love everything about it. Except maybe if I’m honest, I don’t love what I have to do to get there.


I feel like my life is much like that; maybe you do too. I want the beauty of the trail without the work and time to get there.  In fact, at many points in my life, I plotted out the path I thought I was supposed to take before I knew anything about what the path was, what I would need to do to get there, or especially how the path could change.  I plotted my career of being a teacher at 12.  I decided on my dream college at 15 and made decisions about my family plans at 20.  I had it all figured out.  Until I didn’t.

I Judged You Before I Knew You

When this story was submitted it was like Alex was sharing my heart. The value of others, taking the time to truly hear their stories, and noticing what Jesus is saying to us through our stories and those of others is exactly what Alex's story is all about. It is also the heartbeat of Sacred Stories. It is my hope that her story will encourage and inspire all of us to consider our initial reactions to others and to listen for the voice of God in our everyday moments. It's an honor to share this story today.

I was trying to find a parking space at Starbucks when I first saw her. She seemed young, with brightly-colored hair and green eyes. This made her cane and stooped shoulders seem out of place. At the bottom of the cane, she had a tennis ball instead of a rubber stopper, reminding me of the walkers of old men in the nursing homes I used to visit.

It took me a while to find a parking space. As I pulled my parking brake and climbed out of the car, I was surprised to see that she had just now reached the patio in front of the coffee shop. She was moving so slowly. That’s when I heard my own thoughts...

Slow down. You don’t want to interact with her.

I slowed my pace, hoping she would not see me.

She might ask you for money. She might have a disability. She might have trouble communicating. You don’t want to be caught in that position.