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I love stories. I'm a former reading addict who is currently relapsing after being clean during 2.5 years of graduate school. On lazy Saturdays (or Tuesdays) I have been known since I was a teenager to become temporarily fused to the couch while I read an entire book in one sitting, unable to "make it last" in spite of my mother's financially rooted pleas. 

My love for stories continued into adulthood as I pursued a graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling. I literally get paid to listen to the stories of others and help them find healing and gain perspective through the telling of them. In my personal life, volunteering in my church's youth ministry has reinforced this love affair, as teenagers not only write the funniest stories for me to tell but they also live inspiring, hard, beautiful ones.

As I've grown to love the stories of others, both real and fictional, I've also learned to love and learn from my own story. Reflection reveals grief and triumph, love and loss. It is certainly funny and sometimes sad. Most of all, it reveals grace and growth.  It is this revelation that has led to Sacred Stories. I believe everyone's story is worth telling and I also believe that as a follower of Christ, my story reveals the clear thread of God and his grace through every valley and mountain top. I believe that as I live this life He shapes me into His likeness and each and every moment holds the hope of redemption. 

My hope for Sacred Stories is that by sharing my personal experiences and growing perspective through words and photos, others will be inspired to share their own story, ultimately pointing to the Greatest Story Ever Told. We are telling one great story of redemption through a number of small moments. 

I hope you'll join me on this journey and gather round for some stories. Here's to a new journey of chronicling my story, praying to give hope, bring joy, reflect grace, inspire change and, hopefully, show you that you aren’t the only one. And hey, maybe we can laugh a little along the way. Let's see where this journey takes us!

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  1. I love your perspective and what a great listener you are! And I'm so excited for this space!!