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Share Your Story

You are Brave: A Letter to Myself and To You

Rather than the usual story, this post is a letter to you. Yes, to you.

Dear ________, (Go ahead, put your name there)

You are brave.

I know that might seem like a weird word to use as you look at your life right now. Or maybe it's simply that bravery is the last thing you feel. That's okay. Me too.

That doesn't change the fact that you are still brave. To wake up each day and face the potential of pain or difficulty in spite of immeasurable fear or seemingly impossible circumstances is the very definition of bravery. That makes you brave.

The fact that you got out of bed today with any dreams at all for the future even though the path you are walking seems hopeless or scary is brave.

The fact that you lean into your feelings and acknowledge their presence and depth in spite of their darkness and discomfort is so, so brave. You are prioritizing health & wholeness later over personal comfort now. Brave.

The fact that you are allowing others into your story, caring for them and thinking about them even though they've hurt you before (as all humans inevitably do) and knowing full well they will do so again is, you guessed it, so brave.

The fact that you chose to face today and...
... dreamed big, audacious, God-sized dreams
... or had hope when all seems hopeless
... or took small steps towards goals, or dreams, or health
... or allowed yourself to feel without judgment
... or admitted weakness
... or accepted being misunderstood
... or endured loneliness
... or risked disappointment
... or tried again, even though you've failed before


It feels funny to read such things about yourself because your bravery doesn't' come from you. Nope, you, in and of yourself, are scared and weak and broken. That's okay, me too. Everyone-else-who-ever-lived, too.  But God! He's a God of abundance and for every, single thing you are not, He is. So you. You scared, worried, broken, failing confused and/or hurting mom/wife/daughter/friend/dreamer/student...in Him You are brave. 

It may have felt like you had nothing left when you woke up this morning. And yet, you dreamed or stepped or hoped or accepted or risked or tried just one more time. If you think about it, that didn't come from you. After all, you were tapped out, remember? And guess what. Tomorrow, you might be too. But yet again, you can dream or step or hope or accept or risk or try again because He is faithful.

So, friend, it's time to lean into this new word: brave. In Him, You. Are. Brave. Admit it, celebrate it, embrace it, & share it. Share your story of God-given courage because it matters. Someone out there needs to know that there is someone else that understands. That there is someone else who has walked this road before and can testify that God has been so faithful and has met every single need.

Let's walk in our newfound courage together, brave one, because He is all we need. He is, so you don't have to be.

Know someone who needs to be reminded that they are brave? Share this letter with them and let them know you see Him in them.


  1. Oh my God. That was beautiful. I am going through a divorce after many decades of marriage. I rely on God Daily and I never thought as my self as brave but I guess we are if we force ourselves to keep going. I would love to share this post on my blog.
    thank you!

    1. Kathy, I'm so honored to hear that this letter resonated with you! Keep relying on Him for your courage!

  2. Hello,
    This letter is both deeply touching and inspiring. My blog is focused on teaching moms in addiction recovery to maintain a life of work, parenting, play, sobriety, and so on. This would resonate beautiful with many of my readers.

    As well, this letter hit home and I absolutely can't even express my feelings right now. :) I'm speechless. You are a talented writer Courtney.

    1. Hi Natasha!

      I am so glad you stopped by! I am headed over to check out your blog right now-it's just what I love! Thank you so much for your kind words. I can't express how honored I feel when my words impact someone!

  3. Amazing, thank you! I wrote something similar today, though it didn't have anything to do with God. I have a difficult time incorporating God and/or religion into my posts because I can't seem to get it to not sound condescending.

    My post today is a Survivor Love Letter - https://lauranap12.blogspot.com/2017/02/survivor-love-letter.html

    1. Laura,

      Thank you so much for stopping by! I'm going to head over and read this now! Writing about faith is certainly challenging. I can completely relate to wanting to present all thing with love!

  4. This is so encouraging and beautiful. Thank you!