Going on a Treasure Hunt: 5 Truths I Learned About God in Parenting My Boys

So many lessons can be learned through so many experiences. That's why it's important to widen your circle to include those who have had different experiences than you! It brings lessons you never could have learned on your own. That's why I love love love having Christelle in my online circle. As a west-coast living mama of 3 boys, she's learned things I can't on my own. That is why I'm honored to have Christelle share her story in this space today. Let's learn from her together. 

As a child, I  believed in a religious, rules oriented God. This God could be provoked to anger if I did not live a perfect life. My belief in an angry God caused me to live in fear as a child and into adulthood. Essentially, I learned to focus on my fears, even in prayer. In retrospect, I gave my attention to fear rather than love.

Through various circumstances, I was reminded that we serve a God of love. The Bible says God is love. I believed this in my heart and I perceived it as truth. However, I was unable to feel his unwavering love in my soul. One day, I began to feel a nudge and hear a whisper in my soul that seemed to say "allow me to teach you about my love through how much you love your own children."

Over time, I would come to learn of the Father's heart and feel his love in a new and profound way as I realized how much I treasured my relationship with my boys. Each time I discovered truth about the Father's heart toward me, I felt like I had discovered a new treasure! I was on a treasure hunt of all the ways the Father is absolutely 100% head over heals in love with me. And I began the journey of discovering my identity in him, as his beloved daughter.


My love language is time. My favorite thing in the entire world is to spend time with my boys. Whether on an adventure together in the great outdoors or simply sitting on the couch at home, I value my time with them.  Likewise, God loves to spend time with us. There are no rules to how we spend time with our Father. If you are like me, you may have grown to believe that certain prayers are needed or certain words need to be said. The truth is, our Creator loves when we choose to spend time with him. Sometimes, I lay in my bed listening to verses set to music, soaking in the greatness of God's love for me. Other times, I might be at the beach or on a hike, silently admiring his creation. In these moments, I allow myself to simply listen. To be still in his presence and love.


Do you know that God is fun? He created us to have fun. He loves to see us having fun. In fact, when we have fun doing what we love to do, he has fun too. This is also something I had to realize and learn. I have so much fun watching my boys do what they love. One of my sons loves to play video games. He's become really good at this and has actually been placed on national teams. I love to watch him thrive, succeed, and have fun doing what he loves most. Another son loves playing basketball. He plays ball every single day, except for the weekend. In fact, he pays for his own gym membership so that he can continue to develop and play with his friends. This makes my mama heart burst with joy. My third son loves to play outside with his friends. He is the most social of the three and is happiest with his friends. Imagine how much fun God must have watching every one of us enjoy the life he has given us. What a treasure to realize God is fun and wants us to enjoy life!


We are created to be a success. Sometimes circumstances arise causing us to believe that we are failures. A false belief system sets in and we find ourselves a victim to that circumstance. We allow ourselves to get stuck. The truth is God wants us to succeed. He is for us. All of heaven is cheering us on. We will make mistakes. We will stumble. But God is always waiting beside us to help us up and to encourage us to grow forward. I know that I want every choice in my boys life, whether good or not so good, to be a learning opportunity. We often learn most in challenging times and in our mistakes. My desire is for my boys to learn that there is always hope no matter the challenge. This is exactly what God wants for all of us! He wants his children to have the most hope. Always. God is for us always. Always. Always. In the same way I am my children's biggest cheerleader, God is our biggest cheerleader. It gets even bigger: God is a cheerleader for every one of his children, EXACTLY THE SAME. Let that sink in for a minute.


God is never ashamed of his children. The father's heart is full of uncompromising love, leaving no room for shame. Shame is a very big word that I had to unlearn in my own life. In many ways I unlearned shame in my relationship with my boys. No matter what decisions my boys might make both now and in the future, I will never be ashamed of them. My heart is too full of love for them. Each season in life, each challenge, each choice is an opportunity for growth. Shame kills our identity. Shame hides the absolute truth about our life. God is love. We are loved. Our value is solely based on God love for us. If I ever have a bit of shame rise up in my life, I immediately ask God to remind me how he sees me. If I believe a lie about someone else, I ask God to remind me how he sees his other children. There is no shame in our relationship with our Father. In fact, each challenge presents an opportunity for redemption in our life. And redemption leads to restoration with our heart and Gods. I want my children to learn that in God there is no shame, only opportunity for them to turn every challenge into a story of redemption and restoration.


Love seems like the most obvious and easy trait to recognize. However, I learned that love is conditional. I learned that I could make God angry and that in his anger he might turn from me. THIS could not be farther from the truth! Conditional love is not love. I relearned true love in exploring the love I have for my 3 boys. Nothing my boys do, no mistake, choice, or decision could make me love them any less. Certainly, I would never turn away from them. They might choose to walk away from me, but my mama's heart will always be ready to receive them back. If I love my boys to the moon and back, how much more does the creator of the universe love his children? Every single one of them. Billions of them. Even the children who want nothing to do with him. God said I will never leave you. He means it. Never. We are his beloved. His heart. His greatest joy.

Isn't God good? He loves us like a father loves his children. He loves me the way I love my boys. Even more. God, who is called LOVE allows us to learn love through our relationship with others. Learning the truth about God's love is a process and perhaps a lifetime treasure hunt. As I have grown in my relationship with my boys, I have gained a new and extraordinary relationship with the God of love. He is a father who wants to spend time with me, enjoys me, cheers for my success, is never ashamed of me and is head over heals in love with me.
What have you learned about God through your relationship with your own children? Together, we learn. Together, we grow.  

Christelle is a mom to 3 boys. The oldest graduated last year, while the second is in high school and the third in elementary school. Parenting 3 boys is a wonderful adventure and a lifelong learning experience.  In her spare time, Christelle writes for a local parenting blog and recently started her own blog journey. She also loves to read and enjoys exploring her hometown of San Diego with family and friends. 


  1. Thank you so much for featuring my post! What an honor and privilege. I am so very grateful to you. And I just love what you are doing here, on your blog.

    1. Thank YOU, Christelle, for sharing a small piece of what God is doing/has done in your life! It's encouraged every single reader!

  2. It's so mind blowing that God loves me even more than I love my baby boy! And I loved what was said about spending time with God (and with kids) :)

    1. Right?! The depth of the love of God is completely incredible!

  3. God can teach us so much in so many different places

  4. This is such a great post to read as a mom of a young boy. I want to seek God more each day and parenting is one of the main ways I can do that. Your article is very encouraging!

    1. Love that! When we seek Jesus, he is faithful to show up! (and even when we dont ;)) Thanks for stopping by!

  5. This is such a great heartfelt post! I love that its faith based and how you connect with God with each aspect.

  6. Thank you all for the beautiful comments :) It makes my heart leap for joy! :)